• Affair vs Cheating

    Affair vs Cheating

    10. January 2022 admin

    Are you looking for a naughty adventure, or have you done something you don’t want your partner to find out about? You’re not alone: Many men and women in relationships look for casual sexual encounters on dating apps at any time of the day. But did you know that there’s a big difference between having…

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  • How longterm relationships and marrying wealthy guys pay off

    Looking for a Rich Sugar Daddy

    6. December 2021 admin

    Are you still searching for Mr right? That special someone to treat you like a goddess and spoil you rotten? Then you should join all the other women looking for a rich sugar daddy today! The dating revolution of mutually beneficial arrangements has taken off in the last two years, so why settle for less?…

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  • Mature Guys Make Better Partners

    Mature Guys Make Better Partners

    29. November 2021 admin

    Most men and women assume that age inevitably affects a relationship. While there are some common stumbling stones, recent studies found that relationships with age gaps can be just as healthy and fulfilling. As It turns out, many women actually think that mature guys make better partners overall. We have asked our dating and relationship…

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  • Should I date a married man if he doesn’t want to break up with his partner?

    Should I Date a Married Man?

    31. October 2021 admin

    We often receive messages from readers asking us for relationship advice as they find themselves in a love triangle, or because they have questions about infidelity and cheating in general. When you find yourself in a situation where you are clearly number three, you might ask yourself what the pros and cons about having a…

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  • Find Rich Man on Dating App

    Find Rich Man on Dating App

    26. August 2021 admin

    When it comes to mature guys and younger women, most advice focus on the perspective of the guy. Where to find hot young girlfriends, how to impress them, and so on. No matter where you look, there is definitely not a shortage of blog articles and forums dedicated entirely to the topic. As a woman…

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  • How to treat ED - Symptoms and causes

    How to treat ED

    21. July 2021 admin

    Erectile problems are very common for men over 40. While not all men suffer from impotence, it is estimated that over 50% of all males experience some form of erectile dysfunction at some point in their life. Nonetheless, talking about the issue makes many of us uncomfortable. Sexual prowess and stamina are traditionally associated with…

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  • Affair with Sugar Baby

    Affair with Sugar Baby

    26. June 2021 admin

    those hot summer nights! Whether you are planning a vacation or not, an affair with sugar baby or something more long-term is the best way to enjoy the weather. Time to update your dating profile and make sure you are well prepared for all those hot single women out there! Affair with Sugar Baby –…

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  • How to pamper your younger girlfriend with style

    Pamper Your Younger Girlfriend

    10. May 2021 admin

    If you are one of the men out there with an absolutely stunning partner who makes the heads of other men turn, you know you are lucky. When you are in your 50s, dating a sexy youthful woman does not come for granted anymore. While you cannot compete with the looks of young men, there…

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  • Dates with Classy Women

    Dates with Classy Women

    14. April 2021 admin

    Relationship experts say that most relationships fail because partners either don’t have enough in common or – even worse – they do not talk about their expectations, needs, desires and fantasies. For men over 50, finding the right partner after a failed relationship can be particularly difficult. To no small extent this is because they…

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  • Girlfriend Experience

    Girlfriend Experience

    7. March 2021 admin

    Are you bored of one night stands that never lead to anything serious? You find playing the dating game tedious and struggle to meet interesting women? Mature single men often like the idea of being in a relationship, but struggle to commit or find the right one. Maybe it’s time to switch gears. Have you…

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