• Explore Your Sexual Kinks

    How to Explore Your Sexual Kinks

    13. May 2020 admin

    It is not always easy to explore your sexual kinks when you are in a long-term relationship. Sure, having a partner you know well naturally brings emotional closeness with it. When it comes to sex, many men and women actually find that it is easier to go wild with more casual encounters. Why do we…

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  • What makes a hot young girlfriend so special?

    Hot Young Girlfriend

    12. April 2020 admin

    Going out with your hot young girlfriend is an experience you will not forget. There is just something wonderful about the energy and excitement a younger woman can bring into your life. If you have only had unsuccessful longterm relationships with women around your age, you will be surprised how much fun you can have…

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  • Top tips for sugar dating - the best dating apps

    Top Tips for Sugar Dating

    10. March 2020 admin

    Going out with an older man has many advantages over hanging out with less mature guys. Not only are older men usually in a more stable situation and well established, they often also take a different approach to dates and relationships. When you have never been in a mutually beneficial relationship, you most likely have…

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  • Why I Decided to Date a Man Over 50

    Why I Decided to Date a Man Over 50

    7. February 2020 lukas

    When others ask me why I decided to date a man over 50, I often start with a short story about my best friend Mandy. Not too long ago, Mandy broke up with her boyfriend of many years. While I was not at all surprised when it eventually happened, she was devastated. Mind you, she…

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  • How to overcome sexual concerns of mature men

    Sexual concerns of mature men

    10. January 2020 msdredaktion

    When it comes to ageing, many men are concerned about what this means for their sex life. In fact, sexuality and especially the individual performance in bed is bigger topic than the usual signs of ageing. Where women fight a never-ending battle against the visual signs of age, for men this is not true to…

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  • Why dates with older guys can be good fun

    Dating Men in their 50s

    23. December 2019 msdredaktion

    Have you ever asked yourself right after a failed relationship or yet another unsuccessful date why things never work out for you? Maybe your partner cheated on you, or maybe you just felt that you live completely different lives. Especially if you have high expectations, finding the right one can feel like an impossible mission.…

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  • Personality plays a big role for being physically attracted to older men

    Physically attracted to older men

    24. November 2019 msdredaktion

    When you are young and good-looking, there is a general assumption that you should be with somebody around your age. Sure, it is no problem at all for a beautiful woman in her 20s or 30s to get attention. Whether you are in a bar or a club, at the beach or at the gym…

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