• The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Dating Apps

    Beginner’s Guide to Dating Apps

    18. November 2020 admin

    You want to try out meeting women online, but you don’t know where to start? From uncomplicated spontaneous hook-ups to serious commitments, there are now almost too many options for everything. No matter where you look and what you hope to find online, we bring you a new edition of the Beginner’s Guide to Dating…

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  • Not every discreet extramarital affair means the end to a relationship

    Discreet Extramarital Affair

    22. October 2020 admin

    Sex can be frustrating for men in their late 50s. When you haven been married for many years, it is not uncommon to get frustrated at some point. At the beginning of every relationship, couples usually can’t get enough of each other. But just like with most other things, the excitement and mutual attraction can…

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  • How to maintain a healthy sex life when you libido goes down

    How to maintain a healthy sex life

    8. September 2020 admin

    As we grow older, our life undergoes many changes. Some of us have been married for many years, and maybe our longterm relationships even last until the end of our lives. For others, relationships come and go and divorces are certainly not unheard of. If you come out of a longterm relationship or are simply…

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  • Sexual Concerns of Guys in their 50s

    Sexual Concerns of Guys in their 50s

    4. August 2020 admin

    Growing older is a wonderful thing and many men consider these years to be some of the best in their lives. At the same time, our bodies change rapidly. Eventually there is no denying that we no longer belong to the groups of young men. When we go out, this can make us feel more…

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  • Where to find an SM affair

    Find an SM Affair

    7. July 2020 admin

    Bring some excitement to your bedroom and find an SM affair for naughty, sinful adventures. You are looking for a discreet and fun way to discover new kinks or to express your sexual fantasies? Or maybe you have a sexual fetish that you cannot share with your regular partner? Whatever the reasons are: Chat with…

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  • What are FWB meetups with hot women like?

    FWB Meetups with Hot Women

    18. June 2020 admin

    Finding casual partners for spontaneous fun does not have to be difficult. Many married men and singles alike land their regular FWB meetups with hot women online. While meeting somebody on a normal dating app can be tedious and often a complete waste of time, casual arrangements can get you what you want much faster.…

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  • Explore Your Sexual Kinks

    How to Explore Your Sexual Kinks

    13. May 2020 admin

    It is not always easy to explore your sexual kinks when you are in a long-term relationship. Sure, having a partner you know well naturally brings emotional closeness with it. When it comes to sex, many men and women actually find that it is easier to go wild with more casual encounters. Why do we…

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  • What makes a hot young girlfriend so special?

    Hot Young Girlfriend

    12. April 2020 admin

    Going out with your hot young girlfriend is an experience you will not forget. There is just something wonderful about the energy and excitement a younger woman can bring into your life. If you have only had unsuccessful longterm relationships with women around your age, you will be surprised how much fun you can have…

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  • Top tips for sugar dating - the best dating apps

    Top Tips for Sugar Dating

    10. March 2020 admin

    Going out with an older man has many advantages over hanging out with less mature guys. Not only are older men usually in a more stable situation and well established, they often also take a different approach to dates and relationships. When you have never been in a mutually beneficial relationship, you most likely have…

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  • Why I Decided to Date a Man Over 50

    Why I Decided to Date a Man Over 50

    7. February 2020 lukas

    When others ask me why I decided to date a man over 50, I often start with a short story about my best friend Mandy. Not too long ago, Mandy broke up with her boyfriend of many years. While I was not at all surprised when it eventually happened, she was devastated. Mind you, she…

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